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The following ideas are in various stages of development/writing. We'd love to know your favorite, or if you'd like to be involved, collaboration, sponsorship and product placement are all open. 

L8R Sk8R

A middle-aged lawyer recovering from knee surgery is incensed to be asked to work pro-bono to save a local roller rink. Not until she rediscovers rollerskating and the community that teaches her how to roll with the punches does she realize she's paid in full for her services. 

All My Friends Live Underground

Amy and Max, art gallery curator and abstract painter, are made homeless by the pandemic and totally without marketable skills. Invited to stay in an underground enclave in the abandoned subway halls under Manhattan, they set up camp with crazy folks, addicts and rats, but somehow make peace, learn what survival really means, and take it all on as an art project.

Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

A group of people at the US-Mexican border, trying to get into the states, learn circus skills in order to get a visa to come in legally. A border agent helps them, and ends up directing their show, despite the efforts of an ICE authority who's afraid of clowns.

Stroke of Genius

A hospital clown moves in to help her brilliant but withdrawn father who's had a stroke. They get to know each other again through the painful and ridiculous process of learning how to speak again, and get to know their new re-wired selves in the process.

Naked On Rollerskates

The converse rise and falls of the mad genius1920's surrealist author, Maxwell Bodenheim, who was murdered, living in the street, and his publisher, Horace Liveright, a real life Gatsby figure who changed publishing forever. 

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