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After a lifetime on the road, a circus clown shoots the moon to become a TV star. But her manager’s mob ties, gambling debts and her actual love for the circus keep roping her back in. In New York City, she discovers that for a freak trying to swim in the mainstream, its upstream, but as a clown at heart, she can’t help but try and fail with gusto.


Pilot: "Without a Net"

Amy leaves her circus life for good, betrayed by both her manager and husband, but she reconnects with old enemies and friends and makes new ones in her no-holds barred attempt at hitting the big time as a TV actor in NYC. (I Will Survive)

Ep 2: Roar of the Greasepaint

Michelle and Leah play detective duo to save Amy, who is in a motel tribunal with the circus, each pleading their case. After all’s said and done, Amy’s decision about from where her shot at the BigTime is most accessible, is not so clear. (Temptation)

Ep 3: Backstage Secrets

Amy renegotiates to go to Vegas with the circus, Tyler jumps ship to audition for the publicly- shamed Wendy’s role, and Michelle’s Uber girlfriend is not what she appears. (Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?)

Ep 4: Wardrobe Malfunctions

Opening night fantasy become a nightmare when followed by terrible PR and paycheck riots. Michelle takes on spoken word to elevate herself, but it becomes a mud wrestling match, like everything else. In the struggle to get big, everyone gets dirty. (Pay to the Piper)

Ep 5: Faulty Rigging

Amy auditions a room full of clones to clear her exit from exile and get back to her dream. Leah is plagued by her clones and viral success, and Floyd rigs a big time talent show to keep Amy in Vegas. (Just Like Me)

Ep 6: Animal Acts

Amy is trapped in the casino, but rescued by a show dog and makes her escape. Leah trains Mona with new tricks, Michelle finds freedom in a new leash, and Tyler’s not jumping through any more hoops. (I Want It All)

Ep 7: Technical Difficulties

Amy and Wendy get their day in court. Michelle makes a few vital mistakes at work, and Tyler falls back into the circus on a technicality. (Innocence)

Ep 8: Intrigue

In James Bond style, this episode sees Amy trying to save her world from Russians, rats, and renovations. But in the end, everything explodes, including their home and Leah’s career. (Under the Radar)

Ep 9: Tempo

Staying with her family, Amy preps for the TV Talent Show, for which she will play her most controversial act, despite a network kibosh. Is she sabotaging her certain success? Michelle is enlisted for servitude in exchange for freedom. Ekat betrays Floyd, but Tyler betrays Ekat, in a double cross that threatens to end the circus’ run on the strip. (Super-Gay Medley)

Ep 10: Confetti

Amy’s forbidden act gets the agreed upon Golden Buzzer, summoning a storm of thrilled and incensed Americans and Network Execs. But her incendiary status brings a Cable TV offer that Darren delivers with a long-awaited but questionable kiss. Ekat threatens to reveal secrets to save the circus, but can’t. Amy’s win was meant to ensure her return, but now that she has a real route to TV stardom, who knows how the confetti will fall? (America, the Beautiful)

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